Imperial Design Symposium 2009

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  • Despite the “economic crisis”, the Imperial Karlovy Vary company continues to work with Czech designers on modernisation of the spa environment. This year Maja Rašková realized the original Kala cup thermal cover. Due to the aggressive effects of the thermomineral springs, she had chosen to make it out of high-duty neoprene used in yachts. Martin Přibík realized a part of his Balneo porcelain set, which resembles rippling water surface and evokes the environment of spa baths and therapeutic springs. He also designed and realized the Vienna porcelain set with flower-shaped golden perforation – the elements of Hotel Imperial corporate design. Other symposium participants, Štěpán Kuklík and

    Filip Cvrček, are working on long-term projects this year, which will be realized gradually in the years to follow.

    The symposium also includes the exhibition of Martin Přibík’s porcelain originals in the Imperial Gallery.

    “One of the pieces of evidence that the Symposium is truly beneficial is the fact that our Kala spa cup has been included in the Object Factory exhibition in the MAD Museum in New York, among the works of leading designers from 18 countries of the world. The cup has also won the award “Hvězda 3D reklamy 2008” in the category Innovation of the Year and the second best Manager Gift of the year. In the category of 3rd Millenium Marketing Items the second place was taken by the Kala cup thermal cover design.”

    — ING. PETR MILSKÝ, Sales & Marketing Director of Imperial Karlovy Vary

    Participants of year 2009

    Martin Přibík

    Martin Přibík